Chic branding for a trendy coffee shop.

Crescent City Coffee Co.

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Crescent City Coffee Co. is a branding project for a hip coffee shop located in a bustling urban neighborhood. The client, Crescent City Hospitality Group, sought a brand identity that captured the vibrant energy and cultural richness of their city.


The challenge was to create a brand identity that appealed to a diverse demographic of coffee lovers while reflecting the unique character and spirit of the Crescent City.

Crescent City Hospitality Group
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The Solution

Our brand identity draws inspiration from the dynamic energy and eclectic spirit of the city, paying homage to its rich history and vibrant street culture. Through a harmonious blend of bold colors, playful patterns, and modern typography, we've crafted a visual experience that captures the essence of urban life and invites exploration. Each element of our design reflects the diversity and dynamism of city living, evoking a sense of excitement and possibility. From the bustling streets to the hidden alleyways, our brand identity serves as a beacon of creativity and connection, welcoming individuals to immerse themselves in the pulse of urban existence and discover the endless possibilities that await around every corner.

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Sarah Johnson
Marketing Director, Stellar Solutions Inc.

"Working with Ludwig was a game-changer for our brand. Their attention to detail and strategic approach transformed our image and elevated our market presence."

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